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Footing and Fondation Plans

What is a foundation plan

foundation plan is one of the most important drawings in your full set of architectural plans because there will be answered the golden question: “what type of foundation should I use?”, and that decision will guide the rest of the process. Soil analysis and a couple of factors to the engineer will give the engineer and architect all information to make a complete study of the types of concrete foundations and select the best one for your project.

Once we have the concrete foundation type selected, the next step is to establish the size of the house, the type of concrete, where the footings to the lally columns will be placed, garage door openings, the resistance of the concrete, how deep the concrete will be pouring, the type of impermeabilization used between the concrete and the grave, the bulk stairs location (if applicable), the thickness of the wall, and any other kind of information necessary.

The foundation plan drawing will give us an overall view of how much will cost to be executed, and that is very powerful in terms of budget, so that’s why this drawing has too much importance in your full set of plans.

One of our specialties is designing a full set of drawings to decks, and that includes one of the most popular and “easy” types of foundation plans: Footing plans.


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What is a footing plan?

As mentioned above, we have footing to support lally columns, but also, we have different types of footings. This structural part works in an independent way, where probably will be installed a post or something similar on top of the footing. The footing plan drawing will furnish information like the distance between the footings, a section indicating the grade line and the footing into the grade, and details about what type of concrete and impermeabilization need to be used.

For permit purposes, this drawing is essential once the building department has a specific type of inspection only for footings.  Hiring a qualified company to draw this plan is absolutely, and with more than 70 decks in our portfolio, Millhawlk Projects will be able to furnish all these types of drawings and details mentioned above with competence and quality. Feel free to contact us or fill out a form to have a quote.


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