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Kitchen Design

Our experience with kitchen design

To talk about the kitchen and how important that area is to us – Millhawlk Projects – let me tell a brief story: The design team has roots in Brazil, specifically in a state called Minas Gerais. This state has a very strong culture of house-made cuisine, strong enough to impact on the architectural design of this state, where the main entrance of the house is directly on the kitchen. Yes, the first area that the visit will walkthrough is the kitchen, that way they can smell fresh coffee just made (this makes part of our culture as well, we’re always making coffee).

Well, now you know how important that part of the house is important to us, so let’s talk about our service as a kitchen designer.


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What type of kitchen design do we work with?

We are always connected with the designs trend, and because of that, we have an ample catalog of kitchen design, including kitchen bars design, stone kitchen design, Italian kitchen design, gourmet kitchen designs, American kitchen design, bespoke kitchen design, brick kitchen design3d outdoor kitchen design and more.

During the development phase, we’d like to show samples of, for example, modern kitchen sink design, floor types, luminaries, ideas for a kitchen island, and more. We like to take decisions together with the client, turning this area into a cozy ambient, perfect for a family breakfast till a friend’s reunion dinner.

So, if you are looking for kitchen designers in Massachusetts to elaborate your modern kitchen design near you, feel free to contact us or fill out our form. We also offer kitchen design consultants, join our newsletter to receive our kitchen design trends 2023.


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