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What is Kickout Flashing in architecture?

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What is Kickout Flashing in architecture?

Kickout flashing is a crucial component in architecture, especially in areas where roofs intersect with walls. It is designed to redirect water away from the wall and prevent water damage, such as leaks and mold growth. Kickout flashing is typically installed at the bottom of a roof slope where it meets a vertical wall.

Importance of Kickout Flashing

Kickout flashing plays a vital role in protecting a building’s structure from water infiltration. Without proper kickout flashing, water can seep behind the siding and cause damage to the wall and interior of the building. By redirecting water away from the wall, kickout flashing helps maintain the integrity of the structure and prolong its lifespan.

Installation of Kickout Flashing

Proper installation of kickout flashing is essential to ensure its effectiveness. It should be integrated seamlessly with the roof and wall components to create a watertight seal. The kickout flashing should be sloped to direct water away from the wall and should be made of durable materials that can withstand exposure to the elements.

Types of Kickout Flashing

There are various types of kickout flashing available, including metal, vinyl, and PVC. Metal kickout flashing is commonly used for its durability and weather resistance. Vinyl kickout flashing is a more affordable option, while PVC kickout flashing is known for its flexibility and ease of installation.

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Common Issues with Kickout Flashing

One common issue with kickout flashing is improper installation, which can lead to water leakage and damage. It is essential to hire a qualified professional to install kickout flashing correctly. Another issue is the lack of maintenance, which can cause the kickout flashing to deteriorate over time.

Benefits of Kickout Flashing

The benefits of kickout flashing include preventing water damage, protecting the building’s structure, and improving its overall longevity. By investing in kickout flashing, property owners can avoid costly repairs and ensure the integrity of their building for years to come.


In conclusion, kickout flashing is a critical component in architecture that helps protect buildings from water damage. By understanding the importance of kickout flashing and ensuring its proper installation and maintenance, property owners can safeguard their investment and maintain the structural integrity of their building.

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